Warm Water – An Under-Rated Miracle!

While I was sipping on my glass of warm water and thinking on what to bring to the table today that could be of universal benefit – My glass did the trick !!

Something as simple and inexpensive as Water can go a long way in contributing to your entire well being.

Like I always share my personal experiences with the content I put forth, I thought why not talk about how much this ‘Glass of Water’ actually benefits me!!!

I’m no Science or Medical expert and I know there will be many out here who may have more knowledge to this than I do, so please feel free to provide additions in the comment section below !!

Being an ice-cream lover and obsessed with consuming cold water, since childhood I have always been prone to constant cold, flu. I’d also like to mention that I have massive tonsils as well. But as I grew older, the cold started coming in more frequently than usual, and it always lasted for weeks.

My Doctor also had gotten so used to seeing me at his Clinic that he used to be surprised if I didn’t reach out for months !! I was literally fed up with constant steam inhalation and medications, that’s when I decided to just quit drinking cold water!!

Trust me as little as it sounds, for me it was a BIG DECISION TO MAKE !!

It’s not like I do not have it at all, but now it is twice in a week or even lesser.

It been months now and my health has improved drastically !! Cold, flu don’t seem to come close often and I LOVE THAT !!

Now keeping my experience aside lets dig into the Overall Benefits of Consuming Warm Water :-

  1. Keeps you Hydrated & Helps you drain additional Toxins : We all know how important it is for us to keep our body hydrated but in addition to this, consuming specifically warm water helps the body to also drain out additional toxins.
  • May help in Weight Loss : A lot of researches state that consuming warm water may aid in weight loss, however I believe increasing the intake of water may reduce your consumption on other fatty food items and thus can help in keeping your weight in check!!
  • Easiest way for Glowing Skin : Since drinking warm water helps drain the toxins in your body, this detoxification is one of the easiest ways to unclogged pores and glowing skin.
  • Helps in your Digestion Process : Sipping on warm water can improve your digestion process, thus eliminating a lot of stomach related issues.
  • Keeps you away from Cold & Flu : Like I mentioned above, drinking warm water does go a long way in keeping you away from cold, flu or any kind of nasal allergies.

These are some of the benefits that I am very well aware of, I am sure there will be more too.

Also with this ongoing corona crisis, consumption of warm water is very important.

For people with busy schedules, it is always good to tag along a warm water bottle/thermos and sipping it in intervals.

A quick tip – Do not consume water that is very hot, drinking luke warm water is soothing and easy going as well !!

I really hope this could be of some help to you guys, no science background – so all that I put ahead in the health-care section is basically out of my experience and knowledge!!

Try bringing in Warm water as a routine in your life and you will definitely see its benefits!!


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