Benefits of an Excellent Drug Store Ointment – Kailas Jeevan

*Usage of beauty products/ creams and reaping their benefits differ from person to person. Please always do a PATCH test before you completely start using a new product on yourself. 

I have a very important addition to my daily beauty essentials and I’m here to share that with you today!

We have been talking about several beauty products for months but today I will be sharing knowledge and experience on the use of a very economical drugstore ointment – Kailas Jeevan

This is a 20g tube – ₹ 60/-

Many of you may know of this ointment as a medicinal cream for problems like piles, burns, cuts, bowel disorders, insect bites, cracked heels, chapped hands, etc., but this cream is also very beneficial for beauty and skin care-related purposes too.

Apart from all its benefits, today let’s focus on pimples and acne, & rashes due to shaving

  • Pimples and acne are very common due to increased dust and pollution, junk food, heat, and several other reasons. Kailas Jeevan has ingredients with cooling properties that help reduce these zits. Applying this cream 3 to 4 times a day can reduce pimples or acne and even wipe off the mark it leaves. 
  • I am a frequent user of razors for my face and hands. In fact, due to increased awareness, shaving is now a part of almost every household. A quick shave under the shower and we’re good to go for the next couple of days. However, shaving on dry skin, or shaving the wrong way can cause rashes, painful zits and boils, and cuts. And if you happen to use a rusted razor then the chances of damage are even more. In such cases, Kailas Jeevan has proven to be very beneficial in curing rashes/ zits and cuts and soothing the skin. Just keep applying on the affected area and within a few days, you won’t even see it.

Just added advice:

– Always remember to wash your hands before and after touching pimples, acne, or any other boils. Avoid scratching and touching those areas again and again as it will not only worsen the pain but also spread in the other areas you touch. 

– If you are facing any of the above problems due to shaving, then stick to cotton fabric loose clothes. Friction caused by fabrics can again damage the affected area further. You can also start giving warm compresses to ease the pain. 

For me, Kailas Jeevan is hands down one of the best drugstore ointment. It is a multipurpose cream that is super budget-friendly. It is always in my handbag. Be it zits, cuts, or minor burns, Kailas Jeevan is my run for rescue.

I am also linking the ointment down below for you to have a look. 

Please Note – We must also remember that we are no experts. In worst-case scenarios, reach out to your skin specialist for proper prescribed treatment. But for home remedies, Kailas Jeevan will surely become your best friend.


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