BLEMISHES – Time to get rid of it !!

There are innumerable reasons that can cause Blemishes on your face.

Acne, Pimples, Skin breakouts, Blackheads, Whiteheads, Hyper-pigmentation, Age spots, Ingrown hair, etc can be caused due to various reasons.

These blemishes not just scar your face but at times can also be emotionally disturbing. I have come across of lot of my fellow girls that are constantly disturbed due to the troubles they face for treating blemishes.

Most of the blemishes are harmless hence can be reduced or eliminated with certain remedies that can be done at home. In a worse case scenario I suggest to seek the help of a Skin Specialist (Dermatologist), who will be in a better position to guide you.

For the ones facing mild issues, there are few tips and tricks that can help :


I have been using a product for a while now and that is the BYE BYE BLEMISHES from Mamaearth. For people who know me, very well know how addicted I am to the products of Mamaearth !!

Completely chemical free, what more do we need?

This product in particular is suitable for all skin types, anyone with an uneven skin tone or blemished skin, for new moms with skin issues or hormonal imbalances or simply for the one who just feels that their skin may have a breakout due to excess exposure to sun or dust.


All you have to do is take a pea size amount on your finger tip, apply dots all over your face and neck,massage in circular motions and that’s it. Use twice a day for better results.

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Apart from this, I also resort to some home remedies that can help me maintain a Blemish free face.


  1. Steam your FACE – One of the important steps that can help cleanse your face from deep within is by Steaming. You can either use the Steam machine or simply pour some boiled water in a huge bowl and let it steam your face. Make sure the water is not too hot as it can cause irritation.
  2. Do not TOUCH or POP your PIMPLES – Never ever make the mistake of popping your pimples no matter how irritable it may get. The popping will lead to access accumulation of bacteria and will leave a scar.
  3. Drink lots of WATER – This is my most loved method of keeping my skin clear. All you need is a bottle of Water. Drinking lots of water helps remove the toxins from your body and also benefits it in many more ways. Trust me, I have been doing this for years now and it really helps. If you are someone who gets too busy at work and forgets to drink water, tag along a bottle with you all the time and take sips in intervals.
  4. Do not eat JUNK – This is not only helpful for your face but also for your overall health. Try to eat home cooked food as much as possible. Once a while is OK, but being constantly addicted to Junk, really can ruin your face and internal health.

Give it a try, give yourself a little pampering and say BYE BYE BLEMISHES !!

Do not forget to share your views on this!! 🙂


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