BODY SCRUB – Exfoliating is the Key!!

Hey you Beautiful Souls,

In today’s blog I’ve decided to shift my focus from the Face to the Body!!

As much care you give to your face, your body deserves the same amount of attention.

The product I am going to talk about today is something which I brought while it wasn’t even this famous. It was just an impulsive purchase because I wanted to give some care to my body and i.e. the mCaffeine Coffee Body Scrub!!

My main motive for buying a Body Scrub back then was basically to use it after my Waxing session to avoid hair in-growth. I definitely was very well aware of the benefits of Coffee for our FACE & BODY, but what caught my attention was the Brand’s message stating BEAUTY HAS NO COLOR OR GENDER !!

That one particular statement made up 50% of my buying decision. I don’t like purchasing or even talking about products that promise skin lightening or fairness or any other stupid stuff like that.

Anyway giving the Brand a thumps-up on its Beauty Standard, let’s talk about the benefits I actually reaped after using the product!!

With the name itself we can guess the Hero ingredient of this Brand and i.e. Coffee!!

Using Coffee based products for my Skin is definitely my favourite because the results are beautiful. Coffee is very well-known for exfoliating the dead cells not just on your body but also face. “Caffeine” in the Coffee improves your blood circulation and also gives your skin a smooth glowing texture!! Glowing skin is basically a skin that is soft and moist not dull and flaky.

Nobody likes a dull skin, but with the pollution all around us, it is important to keep a track on our Skin Care Routine or else our skin just loses its Shine!!

Caffeine also helps reduce the inflammation and puffiness; it tightens your skin thus reducing the formation of wrinkles.

My experience with this product has been really good. My skin looks healthier, softer and the in-growths have also reduced. I use the product once a week but you can use it twice as well, whatever suits you!!

How to Use the Product?

Take enough quantity; apply the scrub all over your wet body. Focus more on Neck, Elbows, Knees & Ankles. Always rub your scrub in circular motion gently, please don’t be too harsh. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

You can follow this scrub with the application of body butter or body lotion.

I will link down below the products for your easy access!!

Give your skin a little more pampering than usual and do share with me your experience in the comments section below !!

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