BODY SHAVING – Not so Daunting !!


Hey guys, I hope you all are doing really well, this blog is specially for my beautiful ladies out here !!
Few ladies are actually blessed with having flawless and hairless skin, definitely I am not one of them, so trust me when I talk about tips and tricks of hair removal, I personally try each and every one of them !!
Few weeks earlier, I posted a blog on Face Shaving, if you still haven’t checked it out then CLICK HERE !!

With this ongoing pandemic, majority of us are really scared to visit the salon or even call for home beauty sessions!

Six months into this, I’ve tried almost all sorts of ways for hair removal, be it waxing, threading and also resorted to something I NEVER EVER DID – Shaving !!

I generally use Hot Wax at home, I’ve got the machine & strips that are needed, but not anticipating so many months of lock-down, I ran short of them in the last two months !!

Frankly, I was fed up doing it all by myself every now and then, I really really missed my PARLOUR LADY – I know you feel me 😀

I cannot even put in words to how many YouTube videos I watched before making this decision. We all have so many myths associated with a Blade stuck in our head that it took me so longgg to at least give it a try !!

I will definitely link down below the Razors, you can check them out !

But before that, let’s talk about my experience with the Blade – it’s Pros and Cons !!
Always begin with the cons so that the pros make us happier 😀

1) Hair grows back really quick, shaving unlike waxing is a weekly job or even twice a week, so if you can’t keep up with that don’t do it !! 
2) With waxing, hair growth does tend to reduce eventually, but that’s not the case with shaving!!

I didn’t come across any more Cons as such, mainly because I really love how quick my work gets done !!

Moving to the Pros :  
1) Post shaving, you are going to loveeee your skin for the first two days!! It’s as smooth as a baby’s skin.
2) Super quick job, just 10 mins into it and you are all done.

IL address some myths too along with this – 
– The hair doesn’t grow back thicker, it’s the same hair that grows back which is below the surface of your skin!!

– I’ve also read that skin may turn darker, frankly it hasn’t up till now, so I don’t think that’s true either !!

How to use a Razor for Body Shaving ?

I’ll explain this the way I do it :

  • Make sure to moist your skin well before you run a Razor. Never use a Razor on dry skin, it may cause cuts.
  • The packing of the Razor does state that you can use it over Soap, but I’ll advice to use either a shaving gel/foam or aloe vera gel instead.
  • Shave your hair in the opposite direction of it’s hair growth so that even the finest hair on the surface of your skin can be cut off. Do not press the blade hard on your skin. Take easy and steady long strokes.
  • Rinse the blade after every stroke.
  • Once done, wash with water, pat dry and apply a mild moisturizer.

Shaving is as simple as it sounds, but be careful and don’t be too harsh.

Few thing’s that I would personally want to address, I may be wrong, but just out of my experience and knowledge :

  • Don’t make using just Razors a habit, if you are on a heavy growth side, it is always better to switch between waxing and shaving !!
  • I love Waxing !! That’s been my go-to since school days, it keeps me hairless for weeks and also reduced my growth to some extent. But in times like this, you can definitely opt for shaving, it’s not going to turn you into a Bear !! It’s completely normal and easy to do as well !!
  • I Wax my underarms, I have been doing it since a kid and I really don’t wish to ruin it by using a Razor. That’s the main reason why I saved up some of my Hot Wax and Strips and opted Shaving for the rest of my hands and legs. Some also state that using a Razor in your underarms can darken it because our skin there is very sensitive and open to a lot of friction.

If I am wrong on the above, then feel free to correct me in the comments section below 🙂

And for all those stressing over what to do, can’t go to the parlour, can’t go to work with hair, pick a Razor for yourself, FLUSH all the myths in your head and get going !! 🙂


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  1. I am extremely inspired with your writing talents and also with the format to your weblog. Is this a paid topic or did you modify it your self? Anyway keep up the excellent quality writing, it’s uncommon to look a great blog like this one nowadays.

    1. Thank you so much. No, this is not a paid topic, I write blogs on what I really connect on. Everything is Tried and Tested, genuine tips and reviews. I’m glad you like it, do stay tuned for more ?

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