‘Cave Syndrome’

They say it takes 21 days to build a habit. But we were
forced to adapt & make a habit of wearing masks, disconnecting ourselves
from people and staying indoors for almost two years now.

Breaking a habit once you have formed and lived with it for so long is even
more difficult than the former.


For few, jumping back into their old life would be an easy walk but for those
who have become more hesitant or find themselves trying to avoid moving out,
either due to the fright of Covid or various other reasons – Studies have now
termed this resistence as Cave Syndrome.


For a lot of people, this forced isolation gave them a chance to do things they
love, spend time with family, indulge in hobbies they’ve missed doing
in their busy schedule and so more. 


Human beings are very susceptible to stress and anxiety. Having minor reluctance of
going back to life which now is not our ‘normal’ is understandable.
But the worry increases if you face severe anxiety of stepping out and doing
things that you normally would do in the pre-covid phase. 

I am no doctor, but your mind holds a lot of control and here’s what you can try doing to keep cave syndrome at bay:


Introspection will help you identify how particular
things make you feel a certain way. Try changing your thoughts towards it, bring
a shift in your attitude while approaching and adapting new phases and moreover relax and
believe that everything will be OK. Positive affirmations go a long way in
carving your life which I have also briefly spoken about in my blog in the book
En route to the Existence.


Reminisce the Pre-Covid Phase

Try thinking about time before this pandemic hit us.
Think about how exciting it was to go out for a movie or for lunch
and dinner, meeting colleagues and working at office together, visiting your favourite picnic spots and most importantly how great it was to live life without masks. Try
remembering the happy times, it may help bring change of perception.


Lastly, Live for Today

You need to make yourself understand that throughout your
life there will be different phases that will come and go. It is of utmost
importance for you to always live in the present, live for today and live to
the fullest. Remember to be grateful for you are blessed to be living. We have
lost millions of lives throughout the world and if today you are healthy you
are the most fortunate.


Praying and meditation are known to be the two most important ways to keep your
mental health intact. We quite often overlook the effect it has on us but trust
me, I personally have never found more peace other than while I’m Praying.


I have always given enough stress on how important it is to maintain your
mental health just like physical health. Cave syndrome is one such thing
that you need to look out for. If the anxiety and stress you feel of coming out
or living a life out of isolation is severe, seek medical help. Professional
assistance on mental level is just as normal as visiting your doctor for a cold
or fever. Do not shy away and do not mistake to think of yourself any less,
reach out for help when you need it.


And while the world still finds a way to break Covid
chain for good, you better remember to look out for yourself.

#TheFightisNotOver #DefeatCaveSyndrome #MentalHealthIsImportant


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