En Route to the Existence – Co-Author


My journey as a writer began years ago when I started to pen down every little thing that crossed my mind. Eventually, I started writing poems, short articles and a lot more. That’s when my thought to build this website began. A place I wanted to create for my writing started turning into reality.

I am not an IT student, so when I wanted to build my site, I had very little to no knowledge of where to start. I am still learning every single day because running a website and keeping it up to date is no piece of cake.
I worked professionally too as a Content Writer for months and worked on every kind of content.

Being a Co-author for this book came as an opportunity I didn’t want to leave. Also, it was on a topic I strongly believed in and connected to. Your writing is most powerful when you believe in what you are writing about, and with the same zest, I have been a part of this book where I’ve put forth what I believe in my way.
Gabby Ferns is my blogger name; in this book, get to know me one on one for who I am and what my real name is – Sinatra Fernandes.

Not just me, there are 25 incredible writers a part of this journey, coming from different walks of life and of all generations. We all have shared our views in this book from what we feel drives our life. If you seek answers to what can be your driving force, this book is for you.

EN ROUTE TO THE EXISTENCE – will always be special – my first step to being a Published Writer.
This is just the beginning, and I am looking forward to being a part of many such books and hopefully write one of my own someday.

Linking the book below – you can grab one for yourself!


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