FACE SHAVING – Blessing in Disguise!!

Before I get into this particular topic or anything else related to beauty products, I request you guys to please do a patch test.
Be it any product – every body and every skin type is different and has its own ways to react to different products – so a PATCH TEST is very very important.

As I mentioned before all the products I introduce are tried and tested by me.

Coming back to what this blog is going to be all about, it is – FACE SHAVING.

Yes, you read that right – Face Shaving is one of the popular trends going on out there, breaking all kinds of stereotypes. Me, just like you was very very petrified the first time I picked a Razor for my face. I did a lot of research, watched innumerable YouTube videos, watched the beauty bloggers using it time and again and finally decided to get going with it and trust me I LOVED THE RESULT !!

Some of the Myths I would like to address –

1) You do not get a Man beard – A girl shaving her face doesn’t on any ground get a Man beard. The understanding behind this is very simple, the male hormones is very different to a female’s and hence shaving doesn’t lead to growing a man beard.
2) You don’t grow back thicker hair – Shaving causes the growth of the same hair that you have shaved, it doesn’t make your hair grow back thicker or even lesser, it is just the same. 
3) Your face may turn darker – No, it doesn’t. A razor doesn’t let your face get darker, in-fact it takes away the peach fuzz from your face and exfoliates it, giving you a smoother,softer skin.

Now moving forward to what kind of razor to use :

I will link down below the Razor that I use (LetsShave) and also (Tinkle Razors) which are widely used as well. Also listing some good Aloe Vera Gels available out there. All these are economical and good for use.

Please do not use your dad’s, brother’s or husband’s razors, they are way sharper and typically meant for the use of Men.

Procedure of Shaving:

1) Make sure to clean your face : Cleansing your face before you shave it preps your skin for the shaving process.
2) Before shave application : Me in particular, I have combination of oily-dry skin so I use water or at times a thin layer of of Aloe-Vera gel. Spread it evenly on the shaving area before using the razor. Shaving can also be done on pat dry skin, as I said above every skin is different, so you can do a patch test on dry skin and if you feel the need then you can use Water, Aloe Vera gel, Oil whatever suits you.
3) Now comes the actual Shaving part : Make sure to hold your razor at an angle. DO NOT hold it straight up to your face. So Keep your hand light, hold it at an angle and start shaving in the direction of your hair growth. DO NOT use the razor in the opposite direction. You will see your hair and dead skin sliding down your face.
4) After shave application : Once the shaving is done, wash your face with water, apply Aloe Vera gel or mild moisturizer and let the skin rest for few hours. Do not put any make-up application immediately after you shave, the skin needs rest so leave it for few hours. I highly recommend shaving during the night, so that once you are done shaving your skin gets to rest the whole night.

Few things that may occur, which is completely normal –
– Your face may turn a little red but it goes away in few minutes post shaving.
– There may be a slight tingling sensation and that is only because you used the razor and hence that also will go in few minutes.

One drawback of Shaving that I came across was as compared to face waxing or threading , the hair may grow back faster, not thicker or darker, JUST faster as compared to the other ways so you have to be a little dedicated and spare some time at-least once in 10 – 12 days to do it.

This is how I do my Face Shaving thus decided to recommend it to you guys.
I generally shave my face once in two weeks, for those with fast growth may need to do it every week, but it just takes you 5 mins and you are good to go!
Also at times you can switch from shaving to waxing or epilators, but that is optional depending on your facial hair growth!!

One very important thing, having facial or body hair is no big deal and very very normal, some like it some don’t. Do not let the societal pressure or made up beauty norms force you to do all of this, do it only if you feel it for yourself 🙂

In case of any queries or questions feel free to comment 🙂

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