Hey you guys,
For people who know me, are well aware of what a hoarder I am when it comes to lipsticks!!

You leave me with no other makeup product, I’ll be completely fine but a lipstick has to be there with me at all times!!

So I thought why not shift my focus a little from skin pampering to skin coloring ;), bringing out my obsession for lipsticks into my blogs and show you guys some of my personal favorites one at a time!! Also as I continue to explore more and more lipsticks, I’ll introduce them as well!!
For me the texture of the lipstick is of prime importance, until and unless the lipstick application is not smooth, I would not use it. All the lipsticks I use are of different price ranges but trust me not very expensive, and definitely worth the investment!! 
I would put forth only those lipsticks which I really like and which are definitely worth buying!

If you are not much of a lipstick lover, stocking three to four right shades would completely suffice.
Okayyyyy!! enough of the gyaan, let’s dive into the brand I’m going to talk about today!!

I am not an endorser of any of the brands so if I talk about it, it’s purely out ofof experience.
Like I said taking one thing at a time, let’s talk about my current favourite and that is the Faces Canada lipstick range!

Most of the times, the lipstick shade seen in the catalogue or advertisements are way different from how they actually are. To take a closer look at how the lipstick actually looks on my face visit my page on Instagram – Gabby Ferns, follow and show some love too!! 🙂
I started using this brand somewhere around last year, just an impulsive purchase, but definitely worth it!!

These are the 3 shades that I use, the links shared below.

All the above shades are on a darker side. I love wearing Matte lipsticks, but it is always important to make sure that your Matte lipsticks are not too dry so that it doesn’t make your lip look cracked!!
The lipstick range of Faces Canada is highly pigmented, long lasting, sits extremely well on your lips and also available at a good price. You don’t need to use an additional lip primer or anything.

Just apply and you’re good to go !!
If you are at a look out for a good lipstick brand, and don’t feel like purchasing an expensive one, then Faces Canada is completely worth the price. They come with a wide range of shades, you should probably try it & if you do, then share your experience with me in the comment section below!!


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