Consider before you Choose – Make-up Foundation!

The basic idea of using a foundation is to give your face a flawless finish, not brighten it, which is misunderstood by many. I have seen girls apply layers and layers of foundation just to get a lighter skin tone. It’s not your fault! We have been ingrained in the sick thought of Beauty = Fair skin! Every shade is perfect, don’t let people fool you. Here are a few points that you must consider before picking the perfect foundation for your face.

Celebrate your Shade

Foundation gives your face an even skin color to have a seamless makeup application. It is essential that after you apply foundation, your face, neck, and shoulder are of the same shade. If your face is lighter than the rest, then you haven’t picked the right shade for yourself. Even online stores come with many conveniences to help you find the right shade. It is advisable to get at least two shades of foundation: one that’s close to your skin tone and another that’s a bit lighter. The color of your skin on the face tends to be lighter at the center and darker around the perimeter, so it’s a good idea to use two shades of foundation for the most natural finish.

Match your Skin Undertones

Ask for a shade that matches the undertone of your skin. It shouldn’t be lighter nor darker but just the exact match to your undertone. This helps to even out color corrections. If you have a warm complexion, go with a shade with yellow undertones, and if your complexion is on the cool side, a foundation with pink undertones is your best pick.

Consider your Skin Type

Powder foundation is best for an oil-free finish, leaving you with smooth, matte skin. Liquid or stick foundations are suitable for combination skin. If you have normal or dry skin, a liquid foundation is perfect for you; it gives you the required hydration and a fresh, dewy finish. I will link below some good foundations for your pick based on your skin type. 

Always Pick Thin!

A thin foundation smoothly glides on your face, not making it too cakey. Always opt for a good quality beauty blender for your foundation application. It gives your face a smooth texture. Apply a thin layer of foundation, evenly blending it outwards, giving your face a good coverage. Please do not overuse! Blending it outwards eliminates the formation of creases on your face.

Lastly, apply foundation ONLY if you want to and not under the pressure of matching our made-up societal beauty standards. Use it every day if it makes you happy, and if otherwise, don’t use it at all. With makeup or without, you are beautiful!


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