Moisturize – Do it, Slay it!!

One of the most important yet neglected part of our skin care regime is Moisturization. Few years back, if someone would ask me about what do I use to moisturize my face, my answer would be, “I don’t do it at all”. Not because I wasn’t aware about its importance but only because I was too lazy and took my skin for granted thinking, “chalta hai, kuch nahi hoga!!.” (nothing will happen)

But that’s not how it works, as you grow, your skin grows older too!! It tends to lose its shine, glow and moisture. When my skin started lacking these, I took skin care regime very seriously and if you are someone like how I was, then this Blog is definitely worth a read!!

One of the most important part of skin or facial care is making sure that your skin does not dry out or it isn’t too oily and that it always gets the required moisture.

Why should you Moisturize your Skin?

Using the right kind of moisturizer or lotion helps maintain the adequate balance of your skin. If the balance is right, your face will be away from any kind of blemishes. It helps prevent breakouts and irritation. People also say that it helps your skin stay younger, acting as an anti-aging element, keeping your face away from fine lines & wrinkles.

People feel that using a moisturizer is important only during the winter season, which is completely wrong. Even during the summer, it is very important to keep your face hydrated by using the right lotion.

*Also please note: Moisturizer & Lotion are not the same. Lotion has a higher water content than moisturizer, which is suitable for Summer. Moisturizers are therefore thicker than lotions, and are more effective for treating dry skin—especially in the Winter.

I’m going to list down some of the Moisturizers/Lotions suitable for each particular skin type for your easy reference.

Normal or Combination Skin: Normal skin are the ones that are neither too dry nor too oily and Combination skin are the ones that have both. I am a Normal skin type, so using the right moisturizer/lotion that provides both, the required oil and hydration is imperative. One such moisturizer that meets this need & has been with me at all times is the “Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer”.

I just cannot do without this moisturizer, be it summer or winter, this is with me at all times. I have its bottles placed in my shelf and my bag so that I do not run out on these. If you guys are a Normal or Combination skin, then this a good buy and very economical. Listing a few more to suit your need.

Dry Skin: For those with Dry skin, always pick a moisturizer that has a little oil content. I will list down few economical ones matching your skin type.

Oily Skin: Like I mentioned above, lotion best suites an oily skin type because it contains more water content. Oily skin types need lotion that hydrate the skin and not the ones that add extra oil.

Don’t like using a lot of products, don’t do it but use a few or may be just one or two. It is not necessary to do extra but doing the minimum right stuff can benefit you in the long run. Also overuse of anything can harm your skin, so using it once but well daily will be a good option.

Any additions or suggestions to this blog, feel free to add it in the comments below.


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