Mamaearth Ubtan Body Wash with Turmeric & Saffron

Looking out for your skin is a long term investment that you will never regret! And by skincare, I not just mean your face, but your entire body needs the extra care too.

The type of soaps and body wash you use can greatly influence the look & feel of your skin. I juggle between soaps and body wash very often – and that is important with almost every skincare or haircare product because once your body is used to something, it stops reflecting its benefits.

But do not just change your products from A to Z, remember to switch between the same properties but different added benefits.

Today is about skincare, and I want to talk about something that forms the base of this regime – A Body Wash.

One brand of body wash that I’ve been hooked on for the past few months is the Mamaearth Ubtan Body Wash with Turmeric & Saffron!

Why this Product?

Using a body wash is soothing for your skin but having it with minute natural beads that act as a scrub helps you get rid of the dead skin & also exfoliate it. 

Exfoliating cleans your skin, unclogs the pores and gives a passage for deeper penetration of your skincare products – increasing their benefits & results. It boosts the overall circulation & lymphatic drainage.
What better to pick than a natural body wash that gives you all of these benefits in one.

Additionally, this body wash also leaves a very creamy similar to a coconut-‘ish’ fragrance.

How often to use it?

Even though you can use this body wash every day, I prefer using it twice a week. Specifically, before I run the razor as exfoliating before shaving can help you get a closer shave as it gets you rid of dirt & dead skin cells.

I experiment with a lot of skincare products, especially natural & organic ones. 
I’m not an ambassador for Mamaearth nor is this blog sponsored but I really wish if it was haha! Their products really suit my skin well. 

As always this is a tried & tested review – linking the product below. It is budget-friendly and definitely worth a try.

You do not need to always buy big for good results, there are several products that are economical & really work well for your skin – and I’m going to try my best to bring as many as such products I can to you all.

TIP: If it is your first time with any product, do a patch test. ALWAYS do a patch test.


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