Mask + Acne = Maskne / Mascne !!

“Maskne” or “Mascne” – does it ring a bell?

A term which is going to be one of the most talked in the coming days.

Both the words mean the same, so let’s stick to “Maskne”!!

“Maskne” is nothing but the Acne caused due to prolonged hours of wearing a Mask.

Yes, a Mask!!

Our saviour from this life-threatening disease (Covid-19) is causing underlying facial acne!! Maskne is caused on the lower part of your face due to the moisture & humidity that forms beneath your mask.

No one ever imagined that this emoji would actually become reality and our way of taking life forward.

I’m sure many of you may have noticed sudden acne or boils/blemishes around your lips or chin because I noticed it a while ago and realized its cause. However, not wearing a Mask is definitely NOT A SOLUTION TO THIS.

Wear a mask whenever in Public not just for the safety of yourself but every one around you. Live your life in awareness because the fight against this disease is going to be long and our only armour is the Mask. So please, don’t take that shield down, it’s a Fight to Win!!

Now, lets talk about how to get rid of “Maskne”!!

Many beauty brands have started their production into beauty products that can help get rid of these “minion’s”, I will list a few below but before that lets talk about stuff you can do easily and economically at home to keep “Maskne” away!!

Clean Mask – First and foremost, always use a Clean mask. It’s good to wear reusable mask so that after every long day, you can just wash it off and wear it again.

Gentle Cleanser – Whenever you are back home, use Rose water or a gentle water-based cleanser to wipe off all the accumulated oil/dirt, etc. from your face.

Gentle Face Wash – Use a gentle Face wash. Our face is already going through a lot, using a gentle face wash can help soothe your skin and keep it away from irritation.

Exfoliate – Use a Scrub. Either home-made or otherwise. Exfoliation helps you get rid of dead cell & clogged pores, keeping your skin acne-free.

Mild Moisturizer – Mild is Key!! Use products that are mild and have minimal chemicals in them.

Less Make-up – Go low on makeup. Our face is already struggling to breathe, don’t choke it more with excess of Make-up!!

These are some ways that will help you stay away from “Maskne”.

Like I mentioned above “Mild is Key”, we need to use products that are either natural or less on chemical. Listing below some Cleansers, Face Wash and Moisturizer that are economical and can suit well for this.


Face Wash:


Masks and Maskne are here to stay, all we have to do is learn how to adapt to it.

This has been a tough year; I hope and Pray good health to everyone out there.

“Jaan hai toh Jahaan hai” (If there is life, there is everything) , so do wear your MASK, SANITIZE at regular intervals, WASH your hands well, avoid UNNECESSARY outings, keep yourself SAFE for that will keep your family safe.

This too shall pass, don’t let your HOPE fade!!

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