Mental Health

Importance, Contribution & Maintenance !

A) What is Mental Illness?

Some issues least spoken at times require maximum attention and hence I’ve picked this topic as my very first Blog.For years now a lot of emphasis has been given to physical health, which is very important too but we all tend to neglect the fact that a person has to be mentally fit as well!
We need to understand in order to have a healthy life, it is very essential to have a balanced state of mind.
We live in a Generation where people are trying so hard to keep up with the ” So-called Social World”, that we actually fail to talk about real issues !!!
Depression is not something to be ashamed of, it is completely okay to take a Halt, Breathe and Start over!!
If you feel you are not in a right place, seek help, confide with people you trust.Speak up when you need it the most, to your family, friend or even a stranger, whatever suits you and even if that doesn’t help SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP.
Depression just becomes a part of Mental illness, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder and so many more that eat up so much space in an individual’s mind that only one thing they feel is Miserable!

B) How can a Healthy Contributor help a patient?

You don’t have to be a doctor to provide mental support to your family, friend or any body.
For those with a strong and positive mindset, firstly let’s be grateful for we are Blessed and secondly let’s have empathy and patience to listen to people when they need us the most, all we have to give them is our ears that listen and a heart that will understand !! 
As minimum as just your “presence” will go a long way in supporting an ailing individual.

C) Ways to Cope Mental illness and to Maintain Good Mental Health?

First and Foremost, if you feel you are suffering from pressure or any other kind of mental disregard :

ACCEPT IT – Accept that something is not right and which needs to be cured, that’s when you climb the first step to improvement.
-Empty your mind, try to let out every single thought in your head, either to a person or write it down, but just GET IT OUT of your system.
-Review yourself – Try remembering the times you felt perfectly okay and understand the changes you feel now. Try to discover your own self – THE REAL YOU. 
Yes, it is not as easy as it sounds but you got to start somewhere and so start right away.
Once you feel you’ve overcome your illness make sure to “maintain” it which is as important as coming out of it.
Maintaining mental health is just not for the survivors but for each and every on us.
Exercise – one of the most important way to keep you physically and mentally fit. If you are not someone who likes exercising, the least you can do is walk, but considering this pandemic you can try just walking around your home or doing yoga.
Meditate – try and devout some time after you wake up and before you sleep, be it just 15 mins also will do. Just sit calm, in silence and reflect. Feel grateful for a new day, for the things you feel Blessed about, and for being fit.
Hobby – I know it is a crazy world going on out there and a very busy life schedule that we all follow but try and take out sometime for your hobby, for something you love doing, for something that brings you peace.
Eat right and Eat on time – Yes! eating right keeps you physically fit but it also makes you feel mentally fresh and composed. You can definitely have days where you can have your Cheat meals but make Eating right a part of your daily schedule.

All in all, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, have faith in your strength and willpower. Invest time in loving yourself to the fullest first, only then you could give love to others !! 
Hope we All remain in Good health, Physically , Mentally and Emotionally!!

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