Post Holi Skin Care Routine!

Belated Holi Wishes Everyone 🙂

After two long years, this year’s Holi brought back the good old days. I enjoyed myself and I really hope that all of you may have too because we all needed this break.

While playing Holi is of immense fun in itself the aftermath can be worrisome. Getting rid of the colours from your face and body can be a tedious task, and that is why I have come today with the easiest skincare regime for you to DIY at home.

  • Pre Cleansing : Before you directly pour water on your face, prepping it for cleansing is important. You may know the term ‘Pakka Colour’ – these are colours that just stick to your skin and are very stubborn to come off. In such cases this step is very important. Always massage some face oil or balm before you wash your face to get this colour to come off. You can even make use of normal coconut oil easily available at your home. Gently massage your face and skin for a minute or two and then proceed to washing it off.
  • Cleansing : If you have made use of Organic or powder colours to play, you can directly come to this step. You may need to cleanse your face twice or thrice to get rid of all the stains. For this, use a good face wash that suits your skin type, you can also opt for a face wash that has fine granules or a face scrub. Use cold water to wet your face, gently massage the face wash and wash it off. Similary, to cleanse your body, use a good body wash or even a foamy soap to get rid of the colours. I made use of the Mamaearth Ubtan face wash and Lux body wash.
  • Post Cleansing : This is something that you should follow on a regular basis. Once you are off the shower, your skin may feel dry. It is important for you to give it the necessary moisturization. For your face, depending on your skin type, use your favourite cream or lotion. Some may like to even use a face serum. I personally use the Cetaphil Moisturizing cream, it suits my skin type (combination skin) – not very oily, not very dry. I also like the Lakme Peach Milk lotion. Post Holi, keeping your hands moisturized is of prime importance because that what comes in contact the most with all the colours. I use a hand cream that contains Shea Butter, which I also use for my feet. It’s my personal favourite. You can use any cream available at home.

Remember proper cleansing and moisturization is key!

Enjoy Holi to the fullest but also give the necessary care to yourself pre and post Holi.

Feel free to drop in any questions below or on my Instagram page – @ferns_gabby, I am happy to help 🙂

I am not an expert, but over the years, reading blogs like these, I have invested myself in skincare, you should too!


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