Post Festive Season – SKIN CARE Regime!

In the last 10 days, most of us have given enough strain to our skin by excess & multiple makeup application, as we have entered the new year, its time to get back to our daily routine.

Our face needs the extra care to get back to normal, to it’s natural shine and smoothness.

I’m going to try and put the entire skin care regime together in this blog in just 7 simple steps!!

Nothing over the top, very minimal & effective!!

Let’s dive in!!

Cleanse your Face – First and foremost, cleanse your face. Make sure to use a very mild face wash (your regular one) that suits your particular skin type, on your face and neck. (a part we always tend to neglect) Cleaning off all the dirt and minute residues of makeup is a must in order to proceed with the skincare regime further.

Facial Mask –

Once your face is clean, apply a home-made facial mask to soothe your skin, giving it the required nutrients. You can refer to my Different types of Multani Mitti Face Mask & the Ubtan Face Mask Blog in my NaniJi Ke Nuskhe section.

Moisturize –

Once the mask is off, apply a mild moisturizer/lotion, whatever suits your skin well, to keep the essential ingredients of the Facial mask intact. This step is often skipped but very important. Moisturize your face and neck with a light hand, massaging and relaxing your facial tissues.

Hydrate –

Drink good amount of water throughout the day to wash off all the toxins in your body. This step is not only useful for your skin but also good for your overall health. Drinking ample water on a daily basis is a habit that everyone must inculcate.

Make-up Free day –

Give your skin a day off. I understand some of us immediately need to get back to work but try and avoid makeup application for at least a day. Just put on sunscreen and a lip balm & you are good to go. Your face needs time to breathe and relax.

Eat Right –

Another important step, not just to follow today but every day. We all have stuffed enough junk throughout the Festive season but it’s time to get back to eating in awareness again. By this I do not mean quitting your favorite stuff, all you have to do is ensure you eat home cooked food, less of fried items and more of nutrition’s at maximum level. Eating right not just keeps us internally in good health but also helps us glow externally.

Sleep –

Over sleeping and under sleeping, both can have an effect on your health and skin, making you feel lethargic the entire day. Get yourself the optimum amount of sound sleep waking up fully charged for the day.

These steps are not just a one-time thing, you can make this a part of your daily skin care regime, except the Face mask, which I suggest using once or twice a week.

2020 has taught us enough on how important it is to live in awareness. Do not take your health and skin for granted.

As we all enter 2021 with enthusiasm and positivity, I wish all my readers warmth, good health, peace & immense love. May this year, keep our hope shining bright and the zeal to make through every single day strong!!


-Gabby Ferns

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