Survival of the Fittest!

COVID-19 has had its strong foothold for almost two years now. It wrecked the world so bad, making repair so difficult. I am no doctor, and I am not here to preach. I am here to tell you that you are not alone; the pain, the loss, the grief, we all feel it. This is not a typical blog but a conversation that I would want to send across their entire world.

Just like you, even I am fighting to get through this. Our fight is not just physically but with our mental health too. Mental havoc has been the worst during this time, and we really need to talk about it and look after it. I will try to address specific issues apart from physical health and hope to be of some help.

For the ones that are stressed:

Stress can be due to various reasons, and its impact differs from person to person. If you are stressed about a loved one suffering from an illness (not just covid), or facing pressure at work, or worried about kids and their studies, etc., take a deep breath. Meditate. You have no idea of the peace 10 minutes of complete silence can bring to you. Pray. Pray for better days, for hope and for your wishes to come true. Keep your faith strong and only let in positive thoughts. Imagine your dreams turn into reality. Trust me; the universe has its way of bringing you what you think and what you feel. Keep negative thoughts and vibes away.

For the unemployed:

First of all, I’ve been there, and I feel you. Unemployment has been a prevalent issue for years now. We spend lakhs of rupees on educating ourselves but have minimal opportunity to earn back the investment. If you are looking for a job, I suggest first get your LinkedIn profile updated. Most of the genuine recruiters look through your profile before you get a call. Keep applying; no matter how many times you’ve thought it’s not working. Be persistent. Keep applying and keep trying. Upgrade your skills. Use online platforms that provide short certification courses to give you an added advantage. To sum it up, make yourself so skilled that rejecting you is not an option.

For the ones working from home or waiting to get back to work:

Firstly, be grateful that you have work to go to once this is over. Working from home can be stressful but consider yourself privileged to still have your income rolling sitting indoors. Do something you love to escape boredom, anxiety, depression, and various such issues in your free time. I’ve picked to cook. I was someone who never entered the kitchen until this pandemic hit us, and now, I find cooking therapeutic. So do something you love or pick something new to do. It is always good to explore stuff you are not an expert at. The whole learning process is engaging and will keep you away from unnecessary overthinking.

For everyone in general:

Hold on to your hope. Remember – ‘Umeed Pe Duniya Kayam Hai’ (Hope is what keeps the world going). Be hopeful about a better tomorrow, a covid free world, working at your dream job and always staying in good health. Even on days when you feel the lowest, assure yourself that you will get through this. Believe in yourself. Believe that you are capable of doing wonders. Look out for yourself. Eat right and indulge in some kind of workout to not change your appearance but stay internally healthy. And lastly, LOVE YOURSELF! Infinitely and Unconditionally!

For this too shall pass!

Love, Gabby Ferns

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