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Woah !! This word alone is so nerve-wrecking…

UNEMPLOYMENT – A word which has been a major part of my life too :p

With this ongoing pandemic, there has been a toll on almost every individual across the globe – physical stress, mental stress, financial crisis, loss of job, unemployment, etc…

But today I am stressing on just that one section which has been an issue way before this pandemic came into being and i.e Unemployment.

Lack of job opportunities has become a part and parcel of life. It is not JUST related to lack of opportunities, even if there are opportunities at times the selection criteria is so vague that I can never come in terms with it. One such vague criteria that leads to dis-selection is the Employment Gap, which is considered so serious in the Corporate world that it clearly nullifies the skill the individual actually possesses, the overall experience, and education at hand.

Anyway, I’m not here to just rant about unemployment, don’t lose hope, keep searching, keep applying to position that fit your profile, contact recruiters,send out emails with your resume, JUST DON’T STOP !! DON’T GIVE UP !! Someday, something will definitely click.

In the meanwhile make sure to accumulate as much skills as possible, learn some short courses relating to your field, give time to your hobby, build yourself !!

Once this pandemic is washed away, there is going to be mad competition out there, which is going to make the job availability even more scarce. So make sure to equip skills in this free time in order to keep yourself in a better position to grab opportunities.

In a nutshell –

  1. Analyze your skills
  2. Upgrade your skills
  3. Find ways to make your Resume attractive
  4. Maintain a good presence on Professional job sites
  5. And just keep APPLYING 🙂

Keeping it short, I hope we all find our ways to success, may we all give in our 100% and may we all grow and help each other grow!!


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  1. Heartiest congratulations to you Sinat.. May you achieve your goals and give the best..
    Wishing you a successful career and a happiest life ever my dear

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