Vitamin “C” FACE SERUM – Definitely a Must-Have!!

If you guys, like me, are more into the “Skin Care” side rather than skin colouring, then definitely you will be familiar with the word Vitamin “C” Face Serum !!

I have always been someone who never got a Facial or Bleach done, simply because I have always been petrified that it could cause breakouts. I have a combination skin, but still going down the Facial/Bleach lane was never my thing !!!

I used to go for Herbal Face Clean ups, but that also reduced after I came across the Vitamin “C” Face Serums.

With the Covid wave, we all have been trying ways to include Vitamin “C” in our diet, although to have its maximum effect on face, direct application is a better option.

Face Serum has been a part of my routine since a year now and I just love the way my face looks after its application.

Frankly, on a daily basis, I do not use Foundation, majorly it has been me and my moisturizer, and now Me, Serum & Moisturizer. Mainly because I am just too lazy to go through all the steps every single day in the morning.

Serum is a product that you can apply on to your face directly after cleansing but before moisturizing it, so that all the beneficial ingredients of Serum can be directly soaked into your face.

Make sure to give your serum time to soak in.

I will quickly list down the benefits of using a Vitamin “C” Face Serum:

-Vitamin “C”, is basically safe for almost all skin types, but always make sure to check the ingredients of every product before you use it.

-A Vitamin “C” Face Serum can help reduce sun damage, reduce your under eye circles and also fade out hyper-pigmentation. It tightens your facial tissues, thus reducing its tendency to sag.

-It has hydrating benefits, which is very important for every face in order to look fresh, it also helps even out the Skin texture.

There are a number of such Face Serums available in the market, I will list a few below for your reference.

I am currently hooked on to the Mamaearth Vitamin “C” Skin Illuminate Face Serum. I have also had my hands on the WOW Vitamin “C” Face serum.

Both products have shown good results for my face, but like I always mention, read the ingredients before you purchase to check its suitability for your skin!!

Give these face serum’s a try, and share with me your experience in the comments section below!!


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